What We Offer

On-site Guarding

Whether you need one at a reception desk, or a team of security guards to monitor and secure your business premises, life and property. Bajra Security can provide the trustworthy security guards you need with the ease and efficiency you desire. This may involve: manned security services on access points, guarding of equipment or valuables, crowd control, event security, or personal protection, essentially anything requiring a person being onsite. We can provide you security guards for any occasion with experienced, dependable person who are specialists in their chosen security field. All our guards have had ethical, physical, and decision-making training that enables them to deal and manage any situation that may arise. Bajra Security are experts at assessing the client’s needs and identifying and supplying the right personnel required to secure the business environment with various risk.

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Security Consultancy

Our security consultancy includes all aspects from master planning and concept design, to security strategies, a full design capability and implementation of security support and assurance to ensure the safety of your business premises. According to the project size and complexity, our aim is to provide a fully integrated end to end security solution with innovative ideas and approach to emerge threats and technologies. Our intuitive approach to ensure that our security consultants are a natural choice to help and implement our clients plan, design and enable a safe and secure environment for their business today, tomorrow and into the future.

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Electronic Security

While the world has stepped into 21st century, technological advancements and electronic applications have taken the world by storm. With time, lots of electronic security tools have been launched in the market for security purposes. Monitoring, vigilance, surveillance and other technological advancements have made job of security personnel easier. CCTV cameras, Automated Alarms and other tools have made 24/7 security easier. Based on the requirements of our clients, we provide them with electronic security options. It has also helped in improving the efficiency of our security service. Electronic security is largely demanded in offices, industries and social events as well.

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Training Service

Bajra Security provides Basic Security Training for all security personnel with international standard. We train our security guards from the specialized and license holder trainer to deploy our Security Personnel in Nepalese market context. Basic training mainly covers the general subjects and drilling required to ensure the secured premises. The methods of teaching is theoretically in class and practically as well in ground. We do use audio- visual means of teaching for our security guards. We have the highly qualified instructor from ex- service men from Nepal army and police force. A comprehensive syllabus has been prepared for the training. The major items included in basic training are as follows: • Physical Training and Drill. • Private Security. • Communication Procedure and Use of Radio Sets. • Access Control. • Searching. • Dealing with Emergency Situations. • Fire and Firefighting Procedure. • Surveillance System. • Patrolling Procedure. • Reporting system. • First Aid.

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Support Service

Bajra Security can assist with your staffing needs beyond security. We will work with you to quickly provide the best candidates for the positions you need filled. Our resources have created a pool of talent and skill to draw from. Bajra Security is already providing you with top security personnel, so allow us to fill your other staffing needs with the same high

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